Webinar: Boost solar plant revenues with spatially resolved solar irradiation forecasting

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16 November at 16:00 CET/ 10:00 EDT (Check your local time)


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Solar irradiation at the ground level changes in response to conditions such as cloud cover, dust and pollution. Now, All-sky imager systems (ASIs) predict the actual solar irradiation in high spatial resolution and how it will change in response to atmospheric conditions and cloud movements within the next 15 minutes, enabling plant operators to adapt and boost solar plant productivity to the maximum.

The all-sky imager system had already been deployed successfully in a CSP plant in Spain. Since then, new improvements have made the irradiation forecasting technology even more effective. Comprehensive studies for a parabolic trough plant reveal that the revenues can be increased by 2%, representing hundreds of thousands of euros. The ASIs have large potential also for solar tower power plants especially in operational control of the heliostat field. With the new ASI functionality of global irradiance prediction, also large PV plants can benefit from the high spatial and temporal resolution of this technology.

Join this webinar to learn more about advances and lessons learnt in ASI by top scientists and engineers from the German Aerospace Center (DLR), CSP Services and TSK Flagsol:

Hear about the new 2-camera based ASI system and its impact in improving O&M efficiency.
Understand how the ASI system can provide short-term forecasts of direct normal, global horizontal and global tilted irradiance.
Consider the potential of irradiance maps for the control of parabolic trough fields.
Learn from experts, how the application of irradiance maps as input to advanced heliostat field control can help improve your operational costs.
Get latest information on case studies and validation of the system.



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