John Cockerill experts highlight installation of new heat sink in South Africa

  • The Concentrated Solar Power Association appreciated the announcement by John Cockerill, a company associated with the organization. This shows that CSP is advancing around the world.

Within the framework of its participation in Enlit Africa, experts from the company John Cockerill highlighted the installation of the second thermal receiver that the company will install in South Africa.

Between June 7 and 9, a new version of Enlit Africa was held, the main conference and exhibition in Africa that shows the advances in the energy company, and there the representatives of John Cockerill highlighted their latest projects developed in the region.

One of the most relevant characteristics of the new plant is that it will allow 12 hours of energy storage thanks to its molten salt solar receiver, a technology consisting of an economical, fire-resistant cooling liquid that is also non-polluting.

It is important to note that John Cockerill has already installed his first solar thermal receiver in South Africa, and he did so at the Khi Solar One CSP plant, which has an installed capacity of 50MWh. “This shows that we continue to move forward with CSP around the world and we congratulate John Cockerill for this important step forward,” said Cristián Sepúlveda, ACSP Executive Manager.