The Tower Foundation Pouring of Jinta ZhongGuang Solar “100MW CSP + 600MW PV” Project Initiated



On June 17, the receiving tower of Jinta ZhongGuang Solar “100MW CSP + 600MW PV” project started foundation concrete pouring.

Next, the project construction, such as the receiving tower, heliostat field, the assembly workshop, the main building, molten salt storage tanks and office building will be carried out as planned.

The project is developed and constructed by Jinta ZhongGuang Solar Power Generation Co., Ltd., with a total installed capacity of 700MW. It adopts the configuration mode of “CSP +”, including CSP of 100MW and PV of 600MW. The 100MW CSP project adopts the molten salt tower CSP technology independently developed by Cosin Solar, with a 9-hour molten salt thermal storage system. The design electricity production is 1370 GWh/year, can save 480,000 tons of standard coal and reduce 1,310,000 tons of CO2 emission per year. The project started construction on Mar.25, 2022, will be connected to the grid at full capacity before the end of December 2023.