Commission “Chile Valora” continues working to add profiles that allow the development of Concentrated Solar Power plants


In order to add new profiles of professionals who work in the construction and operation of Concentrated Solar Power plants, the Commission of the National Certification System for Labor Skills, Chile Valora, together with the Ministry of Energy and the Concentration Association Solar de Potencia, continue to define the abilities that must be included.

In the last meeting held, it was agreed to add to the profile of those in charge of assembling heliostats in the industrial warehouse and solar field, defining that workers with technical preparation in the mechanical and electrical area are also required to be able to work in the assembly line.

Currently, one of the partners of the Concentrated Solar Power Association, Cosin Solar, develops technology for 20 and 30 square meter heliostats (electric and non-hydraulic), so only a professional is required to carry out the coupling process. highly trained.

Cristián Sepúlveda, executive manager of the ACSP, pointed out that “we continue working on the integration of new profiles, in such a way as to generate an attractive industry for those who want to work in it and that their job skills are recognized.”

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