Webinar: How Thermal Energy Storage Makes Variable Renewables Manageable

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Source: www.atainsights.com

Energy storage is the key to ensuring resiliency, reliability, and dispatchability in the grid, even when the power mix is ​​based on variable renewables. However, while there is a lot of awareness about batteries, thermal storage remains a largely unknown treasure that can be thrown away, at a third or less of the cost.

This webinar, which has the support of the Concentrated Solar Power Association, will be held on May 25, 2023 (check your local time, in the attached link) and will have 5 experts in thermal energy storage, who will talk about the experience with thermal storage in Spain, China and Morocco and the new R+D+i technology that will revolutionize energy storage with longer duration, better round-trip efficiencies and more competitive costs.

Join this webinar and hear about state-of-the-art thermal energy storage developments in China, Spain and Morocco and understand the impact it has on the growth of the renewable energy industry. In addition, the meeting will analyze the main promising innovation efforts under development around the world and when they will be implemented in commercial projects. We also invite you to take a closer look at thermal storage technology to understand just how big the numbers are for commercial capacity systems.


  1. Mª Del Rocío Bayon: Senior Scientist at the Almería Solar Platform (PSA) at CIEMAT;
  2. Esther Rojas: Researcher and Coordinator of the Thermal Storage Unit of the Almería Solar Platform (PSA) at the CIEMAT;
  3. Teresa Gong: Deputy Director of Global Business Development at Cosin Solar Yan Wang: Associate Professor at the Institute of Electrical Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences;
  4. Khadija Elalami: Postdoc at Green Energy Park;
  5. Cristina Galán: Content & Event Manager at ATA Insights [Moderator]