ACSP after Public Account of President Gabriel Boric: “There is no doubt that this is the opportunity for CSPs”


This was stated by Cristián Sepúlveda, executive president of the Concentrated Solar Power Association, as a result of the presidential announcement, in which “a bill will be entered to tender large-scale electrical energy storage systems, which will begin their operation at the end of the 2026. This project will be the largest in Latin America, will have an investment of 2 billion dollars and will be in the Atacama Desert”.

“We are happy that President Gabriel Boric is taking on the challenge that we have as a country, of being able to store the renewable energy that we produce,” Sepúlveda indicated.

Adding that “a storage law is an instrument that encourages our industry to grow, because Concentrated Solar Power technology presents comparative advantages in this regard, since we deliver stable energy 24 hours a day to the national electrical system”

He also mentioned that “to decarbonize the matrix, not only clean energy generation is required, but also stability, flexibility, qualities that CSP possesses.”

“We hope that this announcement will materialize, since it will be a great opportunity for more CSP projects to materialize in Chile”, concluded the Executive President of ACSP.

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