Stable renewable energies and Chinese investment


Source: Diario Financiero

Mr. Principal:

The visit to China of the President of the Republic was relevant to advance economic alliances. In this agenda, clean energies have a central role, due to the privileged conditions of our country to produce them.

There is consensus that storage is key in the energy transition, considering the variability of renewable generators, such as photovoltaic and wind, and the need to provide stability to the national electrical system, especially in night blocks.

The discussion of the energy transition project in the Senate, however, mostly encourages batteries as a solution, and the current regulation does not incorporate Concentrated Solar Power (CPS). Unlike batteries, which only store energy for 3 to 5 hours, CSP can do so 24/7, dispatch energy at night, produce on demand and be an alternative to replace coal plants.

China has invested in solar thermal plants that will generate 27 GW by 2030. Chile could follow that path, diversify its technologies and thus become a world leader in the production of renewable energy.

Frank Dinter

ACSP President and Director Fraunhofer Chile


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