Feasibility studies to build a solar thermal-photovoltaic plant in Jujuy have been completed


Source: Grupo La Provincia (Spanish)

The state companies Jujuy Energía Minería (Jemse) and Invap have concluded the feasibility study for the installation of the first hybrid solar thermal-photovoltaic energy production plant to be built in the Puna of Jujuy, it was officially reported today.

At a meeting held in the city of Bariloche, the main parameters of the joint project were defined and progress was made with technical and financial engineering.

Likewise, shared work plans were drawn up for the coming months, which allow Jujuy to position itself in the select field of renewable energy production, the Jujuy government said.

Within this framework, the establishment of a joint venture between Jemse and Invap is expected to carry out the construction of hybrid solar thermal-photovoltaic plants.

The project consists of two blocks, one 11 MW solar thermal and the other 12 MW photovoltaic, with a hybrid dispatch system, photovoltaic during the day and solar thermal at night. The development of proprietary technology allows to achieve levels of reliability and economy superior to other designs in the same range of commercially available powers, constituting an intangible asset of the project. Thanks to the joint development of technology by Jemse and Invap, it is possible to build a base solar plant capable of delivering clean energy to the grid 24 hours a day. This solution allows to supply both interconnected systems, isolated systems, as residential micro networks and / or mining establishments.

“A key aspect of the project is that it combines characteristics that make it unique in the world for being difficult to match, scalable due to modular and sustainable growth over time,” says the official information.